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AppDrive can be a valuable partner in your business journey and can help you to go up in value chain. We orchestrate your workflow to get more.

We tailor customized learning management ecosystems for corporate, incorporating a wide range of learning courses. Our team have expertise in creating learning software which are impactful and user interactive. We also develops many effective mobile learning solutions with innovative design and methodology E-learning is the best way to educate, engage, and entertain the learners.

AppDrive create feature rich e-learning courses which includes badges, sound effects, and creative designing. We make sure that user interact with course by giving interactivities such as touch, swipe, pinch, zoom, multiple choice question and drag & drop feature in many scenarios and activities. look-and-feel of the eLearning using color, fonts, images and text can be much effective in ensuring learner engagement, directing their attention, responding to what they have learned, or helping them to apply their experience.

We use SCORM and integrated Tin Can API framework for custom e-learning with notifications, video-conferencing, gamification, extensible user profiles etc.and offers authentic instructional designer-led e-learning content development at a much reasonable cost as compared to others .We believe in to assist everyone who wants to share his knowledge with others. From simple to complicated projects, we have the right solution for you.

Today’s learning system needs user-friendly environment, intuitive, feature-loaded, easy-to-use LMS that allows you to drive tremendous improvements in your training programs make education complex to easier. We use learning analytics to tracked learner’s progress by getting data of learner’s clicks , time spend on various pages through analytics. We make sense of user behavior and suggest improvement for success.

In the eLearning module there is more detailed information on complex topic but in interesting way. We delivers projects for many companies to facilitate knowledge sharing for their employees.